Alone in a House Filled with Memories

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Elena's eyes fluttered open, looking up at the ceiling as images flashed through her head. Fragments of the dream fading away yet the memory burned deep into her mind. She leisurely turned her head towards the nightstand, then to the window, a heavy blanket of frost hovering around her window. A deathlike silence lingers in the air, she's home. The concept of home seeming all so foreign, as this wasn’t exactly what she would call home. When her grandparents dropped the suitcases in the house, everything felt so empty. Elena had expected to see her mom in the kitchen, her dad in the living room with his face stuffed into a new book. Yet no one was there, they weren’t going to be. A flood of panic surged through her, feeling complete and utterly immersed in the darkness. This was Evasmos, Thessaloniki. She slept in the same bedroom for years. The floor boards creaked in all the same places, a dent in the closet where Mike had slammed into after trying to sneak out the window. Everything had been in place, just the way it always was. Yet for some odd reason she feels out of place, like she doesn’t belong here. Her thoughts were cutoff, followed by ear-piercing screams that filled the house. She restrains herself from getting up to check on her great grandfather, the doctors had strictly told her not to wake him during the nightmares, because he can inflict danger upon himself. Elena was never used to it though, the past three months he'd driven her insane with the constant

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