Alone in the Woods

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you're lost for a few days without food or water. Well maybe not a few days maybe just a few hours. I know the woods like the back of my hand and only on occasion do I get lost, today just happened to be one of those occasions. I can’t remember where I went wrong, I took a left at the hollow tree, a right at the brook, and went straight past the old, rusty, blue chevy. Yet here I find myself totally, utterly, and completely lost I didn't bring any food with me because I thought that I would be there and back in no time. Looking at my almost dead cell phone I can tell that is not the case. I will probably have to dig out whatever it was that I had learned in girl scouts to survive the night. As the sun is starting to set I hear something, like a twig snapping. I turn quickly from my sad structure and see a girl about my age looking about as hopeless as I feel.
"Hey, whats your name, I havent seen you in school before?"
"Oh, um... My name is Danielle, but you can call me Dani. What's your name?"
"I'm Alexandra, but please call me Alex" I answered "Where ‘bouts do you live?"
"Um...I live on Cherry street, but I guess that I’m sleeping here tonight." Dani joked, "How bout you".
" Me too!" I exclaimed, very much surprised, " Do you want to spend the night with me? you look just about as lost as I am and I could use a friend right about now"
We both laugh.
"That sounds great"

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