Alpha Centauri : Specialized Care For The Future Essay

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Alpha Centauri – Specialized Care for the Future As a tactical response to the regional deficit of primary care providers and a marked stressing of local emergency departments along with urgent care facility resource overburden, Alpha Centauri has been developed from the ground-up as a premier walk-in healthcare entity in Elk County, Pennsylvania. We endeavor to provide quality healthcare in the vein of three key specializations necessary in our region: orthopedics, gastroenterology, and pediatrics. These specialties are often the most sought out after residential patients are referred from local urgent care and emergency departments, and our primary goal is to deliver these vital services to our patients without delay, and prioritize the care needed without the potential of degenerating conditions caused by the inability of local health systems to deliver this care in a timely manner. The initial vision and groundwork is what will become three separate walk-in clinics based on our current specialization capacities, the first and primary of which will be made ready for clientele on February 15th, 2017. Further plans involve opening a new facility in the tri-county area every six months for an additional two years. Our priorities in developing a comprehensive continuum of care for our patients are as follows: 1.) Emergent, critical analyses for the job descriptions and specializations these facilities must consider for operation and integral secondary and tertiary
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