Alpha Is The Largest And Most Internationalised Nigerian

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Alpha is the largest and most internationalised Nigerian manufacturing firms. The firm’s evolution, expansion and internationalisation is an example and a proof of a good government economic policy that propelled a visionary businessman with entrepreneurial abilities to build one of the largest…multinational firm in SSA (Interviewee Alpha_g1 September 2015). The firm’s domestic expansion had contributed to a large extent to the increased levels of industrial development and the economic growth of Nigeria in the past 15 years. The next section discusses the general overview of the Nigerian manufacturing sector, this is important as its help placed Alpha within the context of this study. 2.2 An Overview of Nigeria Manufacturing Sector…show more content…
This policy approach by the government resulted in a temporary increase in manufacturing output with a peak at 7.8% contribution to the total economy in the 1980s’, especially in the assemblage sub-sector. Again, 1987 saw an enactment of Structural Adjustment Programs (SAPs) as advised by the World Bank. Whereby the Nigerian government placed an embargo on the importation of raw materials to encourage import substitution to the manufacturing sector (National Bureau of Statistics, 2014) but the manufacturing contribution to the economy was generally still on the downward trend. The import subsidy approached by the government had discouraged domestic manufacturing coupled with a lack of investment in human capital and infrastructure development resulted in stagnation in the manufacturing sector. Nigeria’s sole reliance on oil exports, production inefficiencies and the increase in the importation of consumer goods saw a further decline in the manufacturing sector throughout the 1990s and early 2000s (National Bureau of Statistics, 2014). As illustrated in Chapter 2. See figure one for manufacturing contribution to Nigeria GDP between 2010 and 2013. Figure 1: Manufacturing contribution to GDP 2010-2013 Source: (NBC, 2014) Cement Manufacturing Sub-sector Overview According to Mojekwu et al. (2013) cement manufacturing in Nigerian dates back to 1957 when they first cement factory was built followed by the opening of

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