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Which market will see the most competitive entry? Who will be Alphabet’s main competitors and how can Alphabet differentiate itself? Which factors most influence the value of Alphabet’s product? Might some of them change? What can Alphabet do to anticipate these changes? Manufacturing market will see the most competitive market for Alphabet Energy. Many of the manufacturers in US were already using waste-heat recovery systems and had other options available to them. The market was well developed and the competition was high. Alphabet’s main competitors in the manufacturing market were: * Already existing technologies based on organic Rankine cycle. * Since 80% of the waste heat produced was low quality, it could be used in the…show more content…
However, in coming future with more innovations in the field of heat recovery and more firms entering the market, competition can increase. In such scenario, efficiency achieved through the product might become a deciding factor in determining the value of a product. To anticipate such changes, Alphabet must continuously monitor the market to get early warning of threat from competition. ALPHABET ENERGY MARKET SELECTION SUCCESS How does Alphabet measure the success of its market selection decision? What criteria should it use to commit to or abandon a particular market? How will it maintain this agility? Alphabet currently uses the metric of returns vs cost as a criterion for market selection decision. In evaluating industries, it was observed that Alphabet used a variety of other criteria such as talent attraction and retention, ease of sale, customization and lead times. In combination with the tradeoff between cost and returns, in our opinion, the best indicator for market entry success should invariably be about the savings to customer. This metric can be easily adopted across industries depending on where their priorities lie. Using savings to customer, for example can give higher scores for Manufacturing over

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