Alphabet Games Outcome 1

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Alphabet Games Outcome 1 To complete outcome 1 of the Business, Culture and Strategy I have to answer 3 questions based out the case study Alphabet Games. The 1st question asks me to describe how 4 forces of change may impact upon Alphabet Games and in doing so I must use a recognised analytical framework. The 2nd question asks me to carry out a SWOT analysis to illustrate and analyse the relationship the Alphabet Games has with its external environment. The last question asks me to provide a guideline for the senior managers of Alphabet Games to follow that would enable them to carry out an effective SWOT analysis. A) In the business world, the main forces for change come in the form of a P.E.S.T table which looks a little some…show more content…
With the gaming industry developing all the time, Alphabet Games have to be able to change their patterns in order to keep with the times by creating new games and new software every so often. B) Strengths • Has a custom built facility that houses research, development and production which ranks alongside comparable competitors • Close working relationship exists between the partners • They have extensive experience in the software development • Not only do they sell games but they also sell software • Weaknesses • They have a small market presence • Unable to compete with the bigger gaming companies • Larger companies may make a move for a member of staff at Alphabet Games • The have a small budget to work off compare to other companies Opportunities • They have clients including Virgin Media and Pepsi to help out in the future • Having a recent demand for flash games, this shows that they are able to adapt to new demands • They are a lot quicker than most rival companies at developing new software Threats • Taxation rises may affect the price of games meaning less people may but their games • Investment into rival companies may cause Alphabet Games to go bust • Larger companies may show interest in Alphabet Games meaning staff may lose their jobs C) For a company to create a SWOT analysis, they have to have a clear set objective so that they don’t face any serious problems such as wasting much needed time
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