Alphabet Swoth and Pestel Analysis

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Pestel forces
SWOT Analysis of Alphabet Games
SWOT Analysis Guidelines
Alphabet Games

Obsah A.PESTEL 1 B. SWOT Analysis 2 1.Strenghts 2 2.Weaknesses 3 4.Threats 4 C.SWOT Analysis Guidelines 6 Index 8 References 9 Books 9 Internet 9 Notes 9


Mullins stated that, organisational effectivness and performance depends upon thes sucesfull management of the opportunities, challanges and risk presented changes in the external enviroment.
PESTEL is an acronym for political, enviromental, socio-cultural, economical and legal external factors.
There are several PESTEL forces which could affect our company.
Socio-cultural pestel includes distribution of population according different age group, sex, religion,
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All these factors are considered as a strenght as it makes company stronger and united. Everybody knows what to do, staff is motivated and willing to work.

All these factors are reflected on quality of our products and services.
Competitvness, Reputation Alphabet Games can easy compete with other compnies , which regard us as an equal competitor.

Company is flexible and very well reacts to changes on market.
All these factors help to company’s reputation, what attracts customers.


Alphabet Games has also its weaknesses.
When new staff is recruited, skills and quality of work is not the priority for getting the job, but motivation and passion. This could afect the quality of products, harm copmany’s reputation and loosing of customer and financial looses. This issues has to be solved as soon as possible, as the production and results are the most importatn factors for our company.
Organisational structure
Company has no organisation divison. There is 25 members of staff and 3 leaders, but no Office manager or at least supervisor. It would be highly usefull if authority would be present in the Office all the time, to supervise team making sure everything i sup-to-date, paperwork is filled out properly, procedures followed and that no employee is behind with the work.
Also HR department could be created , which would support staff providing

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