Alphas Series Essay

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The Alphas series is a series of popular books in the young adult genre written by bestselling American-Canadian author Lisi Harrison. The Alphas series is a spin-off from Harrison's other popular young adult series The Clique that first introduced the characters in the Alphas. The debut novel in the series was the 2009 published Alphas which was followed by three other titles culminating in Top of the Feud Chain in 2011. The novels are about an academy founded by a billionaire business woman known as Shira Brazille called the Alpha Academy. Housing up to a hundred girls, the academy aims to train the best investors,musicians, writers, and dancers and will eliminate anyone that does not make the cut.

Lisi Harrison owes much of her excellence
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The three girls still have their goals of becoming a success at Alpha Academy and getting one of the Brazille boys for a romantic partner. One is hoping no one would find out that she is not who she is at the academy; another needs to show her worth to Shira the school proprietor by proving that she is no longer an item with her son; and another is out to prove that no one can dance better than her and getting the Brazille boy while at it. But then the real Allie J. Abbott reports and Allie A. finds herself without a boyfriend or friends. Skye hates the real Allie and will do anything in her power to get her expelled from Alpha Academy. Charlie comes up with a plan to disable the island's cameras but the big question is will she remain true to herself, win the competition and get the guy she loves? She tries so hard to be friendly with everyone but finds it hard to reconcile with the fact that one she believed was her best friend was never one. Charlie believes that by disabling the security cameras on the island she can outperform the proud and arrogant Allie J and mend the friendships torn by all the rivalry. While seemingly a perfect plan it remains to be seen if Charlie will help her roommate out by giving up her boyfriend and forgive Allie. It is the ultimate test of friendships, romance, loyalty and honesty as the race to stay in the Alpha Academy heats
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