Alphonse Mucha: Life, Works and Legacy

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He is of Slavic origin, born in Ivančice, Moravia (presently part of the Czech Republic), on the 24th of July, 1860. A prominent artist of his era and time, his highly influential works are noted by its very soulful design approach and aesthetics. His works are amongst the best examples of Art-Nouveau, as well as modern Czech art. He is influenced by his ethnic origins as well as his personal idea of art and beauty, giving his works a highly personal touch. He is a pioneer for the Czech nationalist identity and is a strong figure in Czech Revivalist movement, a man who is devoted into glorifying his homeland by presenting to the world the Czech culture through his highly successful commercial and artistic works, which are more prominent on the second half of his career. A more in-depth discussion regarding his life and an evaluation of his works will be presented further.

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The Slav Epic 13
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