Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat Essay

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Goatman was once a normal, his real name is Jake. As a scientist, Jake and his friend John love experimenting things. Their new goal was to be able to create chemical that is able to give animals’ superpowers, with the DNA of a specific species. Jake and John decided to use the DNA of an Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat. After days and days of trying to make the chemical that would give the animals the Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat’s power, they finally finish, however, when Jake and John tested their chemical on random animals nothing happen. Jake begins to believe that they should test the chemical on a human. He thinks that the chemical might work on humans. Jake volunteers himself for the experiment. However, John argues that it is excessively dangerous and risky. After John left the lab for the day, Jake check to make sure, the entire scientist in the building has left. Then he quickly grabs the test tube with the chemical and starts to turn on the machines. When Jake get everything set up, he take the leader from the storage room. In addition, climb on top of the large tank, which is now filled with the chemical. There is a huge hole on top of the tank, Jake jumps into the tank.…show more content…
The air that he breathes in is hurting his lungs. Suddenly, he feels weird and dizzy, as the chemical enter in his body. The chemical is traveling deeper into Jake’s body; soon the chemical have entered inside of every single cell. Then it changes his DNA because plasmid DNA which was now cut. So then, the Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat DNA is now mixed into Jake’s own DNA. As a result, Jake’s DNA was then mutations. With the Alpine Ibex Mountain Goat’s DNA, Jake now has the power of this species. Jake use his new power to get out of the tank, he try his best to clean the lab up like there have not been any
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