Alpine Lodge Research Paper

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On the side of the road along route 33 in Alpena, WV sits the Alpine Lodge. The Alpine Lodge opened up in 1939 as a hunting and fishing lodge and came to be because of a man named Adam Thomas Dahmer. Adam and his wife Julia owned a business in Glady and a store and post office in Bemis. Adam had his heart set on building a business in Alpena so he purchased the Park Collett Farm sometime in the 1920’s; this was to become the home of the Alpine Lodge.
Adam Dahmer died in 1942 from a massive heart attack while walking in the snow to the Alpine Lodge. His wife Julia continued to operate the Lodge well into her eighties and did all of the baking for the lodge until her last days. At ninety, Julia had help from her daughter Lorraine Burke in the daily business of the Lodge. Julia Dahmer died at the age of 104 years old. Her daughter Lorraine continues to supervise the Lodge at the age of ninety three years old. She gave the ownership of the Lodge to her son Mark Lynn Burke years earlier but Lorraine continues to work there as her mother did for so many years.
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Photos of early times of the Lodge and of the outdoorsmen with their “trophies” can be seen on the walls. The Alpines offers single rooms, double rooms, rooms with or without kitchens, cabins, and a campground. Staying at the Alpines is considerably cheap and they offer nightly, weekly, and monthly rates.
The Alpines’ restaurant offers a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. The food ranges from a hoagie sandwich to a rack of prime rib and everything in between. My mom worked at the Lodge when she was a teenager as a waitress. She also helped Lorraine in the kitchen with baking and taking care of Julia. The family element is well and alive within the Lodge and it shows through the hospitality and shown there as well as the social interactions between the employees and
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