Already Gone: The Key Character Prince Carter Essay

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Long ago there was a kingdom unknown to the modern age. It was a time where magic existed and the earth was nothing but joy. The lands were lush, the oceans were pure. It was a paradise! Everyone lived in serenity, there is no other time or kingdom like this. This is where people wanted to live, this place was amazing! The rulers of this kingdom was King Orion, Queen Artemis and their son Carter, they were not selfish people, and they were genuine kind people with warm smiles. And eyes filled with emotions and twinkles. Each royal family had powers and their powers would differ from kingdoms and family lines. Most courts stayed away from each other, never has two kingdoms came together and produce an offspring. That was until King Orion…show more content…
It would worsen when his father said “you’ll get used to it, sooner or late you will want their attention." But none the less Prince Carter was enjoying his time
The sun has retired and may stands has closed, it was time to go home. The palace was odd, it was dark and he could hear little whispers in the background. Then it went silent…………“SURPRISE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCE CARTER”, the palace lit up in wonderful colors and crowds of people wishing him a happy birthday. Prince Carter was in shocked his mouth was open, and it was stuck that way. Slowly he began to talk “but my birthday is in a week!” his mother struggled to talk “you see um... Son... Ugh we have” “a yearlong retreat starting tomorrow” butted in King Orion
The next day came and Prince Carter was quiet. Today his parents will be leaving for a whole year! Although he was happy yesterday, today was different. It want loud nor colorful like before. Today was dull and quiet, the mood was too depressing for his liking. He was going to miss his parent a lot, he refused to leave his room, and maybe they would stay if he hadn’t left. But he knows it is a Noble’s duty to stay calm at times like this. He met up with Ophelia and Marcus in the middle of the hallway. He swore he heard Marcus mumbling things like “cane the young prince handle this?’ “How is he going to react?” All of these word stuck in his head. It repeated in his head
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