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All about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Multiple people say they created the Ice bucket challenge but one was about a teenager who slide into home base while playing baseball he went to the doctor and the doctors found out he had ALS. His parents were shocked, ALS is one of not very many incurable diseases. His mother wanted to raise awareness starting the challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge helps people with ALS, anyone can do the Ice bucket challenge and the movement is to raise awareness. The ALS ice bucket challenge was one of the most talked about things in the US.It had over 17 million participated in the challenge through the years. There was something where if we got challenged to do it and we didn’t do it in 24 hours. We had to pay $100 to the ALS…show more content…
This is why the Ice bucket challenge was invented. The ALS disease is an incurable cancer that many scientists don’t know what causes it. Some doctors think it is caused by a defective gene that prevents the body from producing a normal amount of an enzyme called superoxide dismutase. The ALS ice bucket challenge is a great way to give back. All the ALS ice bucket challenge is we pour a bucket of ice water on our heads and if we don’t, we have to give money to the ALS association. Then we pick 2 or three people to do it too. Then if they do it then they pick two or three people and it goes on and on. The ALS ice bucket challenge is one of the most known movements in the US. It raised more money than they even imagined. The ALS association raised over 115 million dollars over two years. The movement is one of the most successful movements in the US as well. The movement made a legacy over the US and other countries spreading almost worldwide
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