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Stopped at # 11 profreading Today we look at three more of the seven churches, in our study of the “History of the Christian Church. “ Please feel free to forward to your friends if these are of any help to you. PERGAMOS The Altar of Pergamun Its origins have been lost in time, Greek in flavor and influence. A very progressive city by 420 B.C. This was a strong financial city which minted its own money. Its hot spring was also known for its healing powers. Its theater seated 3,500 and is still in use today. Here was the temple of Esculapius (god of healing), her idle was in the form of a serpent. Pergamum was a university town, noted for its great library of over 200,000 books. When paper became a shortage for writing, so skins were developed, and became known as “Pergamene papers” From its name parchment is derived. The term often referred to a graduation diploma as a “sheep skin”, gets it origins from here.…show more content…
By the time the gospel was brought to Pergamos it was a highly favored city with many god, Zeus a 40’ high stone statue. Altar to Unknown the god considered one of the seven wonders of ancient world. The left is the remains of the altar to the unknown god in Pergamos. The city was almost destroyed and severely damaged by an earthquake in 262 B.C. and was plundered by the Goths shortly after. After the ancient city of Pergamos ceased to exist and Later the people found it easier to rebuild at the foot of the acropolis. This rebuilt city is modern day Bergama. In 1991 Jewell & I made our 2nd trip to Berlin where we visited the Pergamum Museum. Inside wall of Temple Inside Hall of
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