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Fossil fuels are compounds of hydrogen and carbon, such as oil, coal, natural gas, which are produced out of organic remains from ancient organisms. They cause pollution by releasing unsafe compounds in the atmosphere by its combustion process. A complete combustion means the hydrocarbon burns in an air with more than enough oxygen to turn the carbon into carbon dioxide. There is also an incomplete combustion, meaning it is burned in an air lacking oxygen. If the oxygen is not enough, the carbons turn to carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very harmful to living organisms. The increasing of global emission of CO2, a heat trapping gas is pushing the world into a crisis. CO2 or carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, which…show more content…

Bioethanol as an alternative energy helps to minimize the destruction of the atmosphere. The carbon cycle process reduces carbon emissions and other toxic pollution. The carbon cycle works by starting from the sugar and other biomass crops that absorb the solar energy. The solar energy that has been absorbed from the crops is converted into sugar or molasses. Then the molasses that contains carbon is processed into fuel. Ethanol is then blended with gasoline to power the vehicle, which is distributed for people’s vehicles. The carbon dioxide or CO2 that is released as fuel burns from the vehicle is recycled by plants as they grow. By this, it will lessen the amount of carbon dioxide, which traps in the atmosphere, but it will be used to produce fuel instead.

As seen from the figure above, it shows the process of how bioethanol works in being the alternative energy of fossil fuel. Contrary to the advantages, bioethanol has its disadvantages. One of them is the huge size of land that is needed to be able to grow crops. This could cause deforestation which may caused greenhouse effect too because there will be less oxygen produced for all of us. This could also lead our world into danger because of the higher temperature caused by the heat from the deforestation. It could also lead to

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