Alternate Break Immersion Trip

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Throughout my four years of high school, I worked with a non-profit organization called Shirts Across America. It worked to send high school and college students to New Orleans, Louisiana to help the community rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. For my junior and senior year, I worked as a core team member; my duties included marketing, fundraising, planning and organizing the trip and facilitating a group on the actual trip. I took on the responsibility to bring more people of color on the trips and making it more accessible for these students who may have been looked over. This past summer I worked as a teacher’s aid for the local YMCA in Seattle. The school that I was working with served a low income, diverse community.…show more content…
My freshmen year at Loyola, during spring break I went to East St Louis, Illinois for an Alternate Break Immersion trip. The key focus of this trip is the immersion aspect, this was not just a service trip, and it focused on building community and solidarity. While in East St Louis, I worked at Catholic Day Care, which is a predominantly black catholic day care that is centered on the low income housing of East St. Louis. I was tasked with aiding the preschool teachers and helping the kids learn how to use the computer and play educational computer games. In the afternoons, I went to the local community center and helped with the afterschool program. This included helping them with their homework or even just playing board games with them, building community. This school year I am a STARS, Students Together Reaching for Success, mentor. The STARS mentorship program is for students of color and first generational college students, specifically serving freshman. I have four mentees who I mentor throughout the school year, working on anything from academics to identity development. I am a resource that they can utilize off and on campus. STARS mentors also compile different committees and facilitate monthly gatherings for all 63 mentees. These usually center on different social justice initiatives, development of the person. I worked on the retreat committee where we facilitated a retreat for 50 STARS mentees and mentors, as well as working on a gathering that focused on professional development in future planning and
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