Alternate Disbure Resolution

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Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) comprises a variety of approaches to early intervention and dispute resolution (Alternate Dispute, n.d.). Many of these approaches include the usage of trial, negotiation, mediation and arbitration. Based on the case provided, Awang Budiman's lawyers claim that UBD players acted deliberately during their warm up to disrupt the team formation, as Awang Budiman being one of the better strikers of the team. However, the UBD players deny the claims, stated that there was no malice when the ball was kicked during the warm up and allege that Awang Budiman was resting too close to the field when he was accidently hit with the ball. Therefore, in this paper will discuss, compare and evaluate the alternatives methods on resolving disputes that are trial (litigation), negotiation, mediation and arbitration between Awang Budiman, a football player from another local university and the UBD players.

Trial is filing or answering a complaint through the public court system is the process of resolving disputes (Legal information, n.d.). Where in Brunei, it conducted in magistrate court or intermediate court. The nature of the complaint (incorporating the probable outcome for each parties) becomes the foundation for many defrayal negotiations. There are numerous benefits in using trial in comparison to other process of alternate dispute resolution (ADR), for example the availability of a large body of applicable law and procedure makes it automatically
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