Alternate Ending, ASP

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Alternate Ending, A Separate Peace From inside we could hear Phineas fall clumsily down the white marble stairs. Everyone stayed calm as we rushed outside to assist him. Finny said he couldn’t move or feel his legs and people started splitting up to go get help and shouting orders. Once the doctors and nurses arrived some of us helped to move him to the infirmary. After what seemed like hours Dr. Stanpole came out to tell us the news. He told us something we never expected. Phineas severed his spine. He was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to walk again. He said that Phineas needed rest so everyone should go back to their rooms. Everyone left but I was frozen. It was almost as if I had fallen with Phineas, I couldn’t…show more content…
I was hoping Brinker wouldn’t show up again, but I was wrong. He approached Phineas and I as we were heading back to our room. “Well isn’t that nice of you, acting as Finny’s escort? Especially considering that you’re the cause of this tragedy.” “Shut up Brinker,” I shot back. “Just curious as to why you still socialize with him?” he addressed Phineas now. “I believe him. It’s not your concern.” We left then, and I began to ask myself that same question. Why was Phineas still here, talking to me as if nothing had happened? I didn’t sleep much that night. My mind had too many thoughts. Phineas had every right to hate me and never speak to me again, or at least be angry with me. Yet he chose to believe that it was just a blind impulse on the tree that day. I couldn’t comprehend why that is. Was it a blind impulse? I lay there thinking that in no way did I deserve to be Finny’s friend. I somehow understood that our identities were beginning to merge, and we had some connection stronger than friendship. I think that it was this that kept us together, not what I did or what he believed I did, the unbreakable connection between
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