Alternate Ending For Lord Of The Flies Essay

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As Ralph hid from the hunters savagery, he observed his wound. He had a bruise that was inches in diameter over his right ribs and a bloody, swollen scar where he was pierced with the spear. His hair was a mess, with dirt and sweat matting it to his face. He determined that he would have to wait to bathe himself for fear of missing the hunters coming to get him. How could he listen if he was splashing in the lagoon or stream?
Ralph had stayed close to the platform, far from castle rock so he could be safe from the hunters for now. He thought that if they couldn’t find him, he would be safe, but he was worried about Samneric and realized he had to go back.
The thoughts of Piggy plagued him as he walked. The way he flew through the air and the sickening thud of his dead body were too fresh in his mind for him to think straight. Ralph ended up going to mountain top where the fire was originally started and thought about all this island had endured. He thought of the fire that killed the young boy with the mark
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“I was going to torture him for information on where Ralph might be so we can kill him.”
“Do you want me to send out a search party to find Ralph?”
“No! I want to find him myself. He was so stuck up and thought he was the best leader, but I proved him wrong! I provided meat, but he complained that I wasn’t helping him enough! I should have been chief from the start, but he had that stupid conch and everyone thought he was the best. He could have given the conch to me so I could have a chance but he decided to keep it for himself”
“Maybe Sam or Eric went back to the shelters to find Ralph? We should look there.” Roger was not interested in finding the twins, only killing Ralph.
“I’ll check their guard post one more time. Maybe they had to take a bathroom break or get some fruit, but I’ll find them.” Ralph was getting flustered and batty. The stress of Piggy’s death and Simon’s murder was
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