Alternate Ending For The Landlady

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Alternate Story Ending for “The Landlady”

Billy knew that this would be the end of his life, he waited patiently while the landlady chattered on and on about how she would miss him when he went away, but Billy wasn’t listening. He was anticipating that the poison should have kicked in by now and that he should be dying, but he wasn’t!

“What is troubling you my dear Billy? You’re looking a little pale. Hopefully nothing serious, we sure want you to be well enough to meet with those important people tomorrow!”

“I’m fine, but thank you for your concern!” Billy said quickly. He didn’t like how the landlady could read his facial expressions so well. Billy wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible. He needed to go warn the world of
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What was that?”

“Everything is quite alright, for your information, as I already told you, it hurts alot!”

“Are you sure? That was a very loud stomach ache!”

“I’m very sorry if my screeches were disturbing you, my stomach is paining me.” Billy lied to her. “Also, I tend to get very grouchy when I am in pain, so you might want to stay away from me!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, why don’t you prepare some more tea for me, it might calm my stomach.” “Oh, yes, my tea will surely help your ailing stomach.” With that the landlady ran off to her kitchen to prepare more tea.

As soon as Billy heard her leave, he finished getting the window open, cutting his hand in the process and climbed out into the dead of night, with only the wind to keep him company. Even before his feet touched the ground he was running. He pumped his legs harder than he had ever done so.

Billy was drenched in cold sweat with his legs tangled in his sheets when he woke from that awful dream. Billy wondered what could have inspired that hallucination, but he was overjoyed to find out that everything was just a dream.

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