Alternate Ending Of The Catcher In The Rye

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Seasons “Hey Jace can you go fetch that pail of water with your mother that I left out in the fields?” asked Jace’s father. “Sure thing,” Jace said. As Jace and his mother go fetch a pail of water, they hear a scream. “AHHHHH!” Jace and his mother run back to the farm and disturbingly find a fire had caught on the barn. They see the fire engulfing the house in flames. Jace falls to his knees and weeps tears of sorrow. Jace, the son of two farmers, became determined to change this for his people after his father died. A week later, Jace looked at his reflection in the nearby river. He had curly brown hair, and had tan skin. “Now, no one else will lose the family again due to the fires because I am going to change this!” shouted Jace. Jace…show more content…
He never saw snow before, it was amazing to Jace. Along the way, he saw some animals scurrying about, but not as much as near his village. He also didn’t see many plants around. “Why aren’t there a lot of animals and plants?” Jace wondered, “Surely it can’t be the snow.” Midway through his climb, he stopped to rest. Next, Jace laid down and fell asleep. When he woke up, he was freezing. “It’s freezing, I better hurry up to Climatine’s temple, it is probably warmer up there,” Jace said to himself. Jace finally finishes climbing the mountain when he sees Climatine’s temple. He uses his last bit of energy to crawl his way to the temple’s great golden doors. He knocks on the door and hears a soft voice call out. “Servants answer the door please, and bring the guest to me,” Climatine calls out. “Yes master!” the servants yelled back in unison. The servants bring Jace to the dining room where Climatine sat. Jace stared at everything around him. All of things around him were marvelous and grand. There were golden cups, plates, forks, and spoons. “Hello, I’ve come to you to ask for a big request,” responded Jace while he bowed…show more content…
“Ok, I will grant your wish, but don't be sad when you realize that it is not the change you were looking for,” Climatine said furiously. “Thank you so much, my people will be so proud of me,” Jace said joyfully. Climatine turns away as she knows she’s done something she won't forget. Then, Jace headed back to his village and he realized that the snow he saw before was all beyond the land now. “Wait wasn't it only near the temple,” Jace thought. It was everywhere now, all the plains and mountains were covered in snow. Jace was freezing. Jace brushed off the snow but he was still cold. Jace decided to just keep heading to the village with the good news. He arrived at the village and to his surprise he didn't see anyone. He got to his house and went inside. “Mom Mom Mom I have such great ne-, Jace stopped abruptly. His mom was still with all the blankets on her head to toe. “What's wrong mom”, Jace said. “ The weather makes it impossible to do anything, The water is frozen we can't grow crops,” his mom said weakly. Jace suddenly knew what Climatine meant now. Jace was
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