Alternate Ending To The Sniper

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The sniper looked at his enemy falling and shuddered. Experiencing the feeling of killing someone, is it good or bad? Regretting or happy? “He’s an enemy” he thought. “I don’t regret anything” he said getting angry. He turned from the dead bodies for a second. A person was standing in the distance. He pulled out his gun. Sniper was getting ready to shoot again. The light shined on the person. It was his mother. “Luka” she said. “Luka”. He put his gun down. Then the sniper ran up to his mother and hugged her. Both of them were silent. The sniper reached into his pocket. He pulled out a knife. Small and silver but extremely sharp. He didn’t think. The sniper stabbed his mother, right into her back. Hearing his mother screaming and watching
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