Alternate Homes And Beyond : Issues And Perspectives

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ALTERNATE HOMES AND BEYOND: ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES IN CHITRA BANERJEE DIVAKARUNI’S SISTER OF MY HEART INTRODUCTION Diaspora is the deracination of society from one earthly region to another earthly region. It deals with the issues and problems of homelessness and integrity crisis. The term ‘’Diaspora” was mainly used for exile of JEWS from their homeland. The Diaspora gained values in peopel;s mind with the result of globalization. In our literature diaspora has no of meanings which actually express the pain and sufferings of expatriate peoples. The term has many synonymous like migration, immigration, emigration exile, dispersio also lingers over alienation, loneliness, homelessness, existential rootlessness, nostalgia, questioning , quest for identity. It also includes the term of ammalgamation of cultures. In this peopels feeling the clashes of singular and multicultural and past and present and many so on. To be dislocated people means to leave their motherly lands and live in the unbelonging room with new things. when migrants leave their roots and leaves than they cross the barriers and border lines history ,memories and time. Indians gentry are mainly migrated to different countries like U.S.A, canada ,Australia, Africa and so on. In our English literature authors targeted these countries to make the prominent themes in their works and these themes comes under only one heading ' 'writings of the Disapora ' '. V.S Naipaul, Salman Rushdie, Bharti Mukherjee,
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