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There is currently a mixed views within the scientific community on the utility of a FeNO monitoring within clinical settings. In the past, Aerocrine has provided their devices for many clinical trials[JP30] that has not only progressed the scientific evidence behind FeNO monitoring, but has added credibility to their devices. Therefore, we recommend Andas provide free FeNO devices to those performing clinical research in this area. This approach would not only provide credibility to Andas device, as physicians would hear about and become familiar with their device, but it would add increased evidence and credibility to support FeNO testing in general. This would have an overall benefit on Andas’ sales.

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This is a compilation of our findings.

1. Nurse

We talked to a nursing instructor at St. Olaf. She has a special interest in asthma, as she did an asthma research and education program as part of her Master’s degree. The biggest piece of information we gained from her is that insurance really is the biggest indicator of whether a device or technology will be successful. If a technology has a reimbursement code, it is likely to be used at least by some. She also talked to us about how important she believes peak flow monitors to be for symptom monitoring in asthma patients, ensuring a potential home use for our device.

2. Respiratory Therapist

We talked to a respiratory therapist in a hospital setting. Her role is in treating and stabilizing patients at the hospital for exacerbations and giving prevention education. She mostly sees patients in the ER. During her education, she teaches about the condition itself, the role of medications and why controllers are important, and compliance issues. She usually recommends peak flow monitoring to patients who are new to the illness because this helps them to figure out when they are starting to get very sick; however, this is mostly used in primary care, and she just reinforces this teaching in the hospital. This information is then put
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