Alternate Septic System

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If you don’t have city sewage you probably have a septic system. A septic system is a system that treats removes and disposes of water. Usually this water is from homes and businesses. Septic systems are responsible for the removal of water waste. If it is working properly it will safely remove filtered water out of harms way and back into the aquifer. If a septic system is not working properly it can be dangerous it may cause the near by water table to overflow causing flooding and water contamination. If this occurs people often must resort to an alternative septic system. An alternative septic system is simply a different system than the traditional system. In a traditional septic system the water from the house leads into the septic tank where bacteria is broken down and eventually it forms three different layers. The bottom layer is made up of solids, this layer is called sludge, a middle layer is liquid with some organic matter, and a top with floating solids. Devices called baffles allow the middle layer of the tank to flow out into a perforated pipe and it takes it to a far away field. This safely removes harmful water from nearby houses. The remainder of the waste stays in the tank for further break down. That is how a traditional drainfield system works. If this septic system is not suited for ones property due to the geography of the land or limited space one may need to use an alternate septic system. There are many types of alternative septic systems some of
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