Alternative Actions And Consequences Of Mercury Energy

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Assignment 4 Introduction Nowadays, organizations have a corporate social responsibility to fulfill in the business industry. There is a variety of definitions for corporate social responsibility however; a common definition is a business integrates social and environmental concerns in their everyday business operations on a voluntary basis (Murphy, 2010). It is important that managers behave ethically and morally so other individuals will follow their guidance. A manager is responsible for fair treatment of employees, customers, and suppliers, building trustworthy relationships, and being transparent (Murphy, 2010). As a result, managers that are in executive level positions are oftentimes, most responsible for any unethical or…show more content…
Consequently, the contractor did not hear the alarm trigger on her oxygen machines because he disconnected the electricity before, he knocked on the door and came inside the house (Bridgman, 2010). In addition, the contractor claimed he did not see any machines on the floor and claimed he did not know what the tubes were used for, nor did he ask (Bridgman, 2010). As a result, Mrs. Muliaga pleaded with the contractor to give them a chance, as they had previously made payments on the arrears. However, the contractor said she must pay the full balance or she is to call Mercury Energy, that he was just doing his job (Bridgman, 2010). As a result, the contractor left and Mrs. Muliaga 's health started to deteriorate rapidly (Bridgman, 2010). At this point, Mrs. Muliaga was alone with now two of her children and she asked one of them to play music for her, as her breathing was getting worse (Bridgman, 2010). Consequently, within two and a half hours Mrs. Muliaga had deceased in front of two of her children (Roper & Schoenberger-Organ, 2011). Consequences and Outcomes Mercury Energy authorized the contractor to disconnect the electric service at Mrs. Muliaga 's residence (Eweje & Wu, 2010). Shortly, after Mrs. Muliaga 's death the public was aware that Mercury Energy authorized a disconnection for electric service for a
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