Alternative Assessment Essay examples

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Alternative Assessment

There are many benefits that students receive from schooling. These benefits can range from social to intellectual benefits. Although there are many benefits the most important is learning. The point of going to school is to gain an education. Too often there are factors that hinder the student’s education. Dave Montague (2000) stated that “the obsession with standardized test scores has set our agenda back decades. In some cases, it is impossible to propose project-based learning, because the entire academic year is devoted to practicing for statewide testing.” He went on to say that things can be different (Montague, 2000). He is correct; there are other ways to “test” student knowledge that are more
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This method is used by logically collecting information that supports how well the student’s performance matches the expectations and standards. This information can be analyzed to explain and improve the performance of the student (Angelo, 1995). Many schools are starting to examine the idea of alternative assessment. Although they can mean more work for teachers they may be more beneficial to all parties involved. Examples of alternative assessment include portfolios, computer programs, and alternative grading. A portfolio is a collection of the student’s work that can show a wide range of the student’s abilities. This can provide a more appropriate grade for the student. Allan Olson (2000) states that, “our computerized system provides more valuable data for educators, months faster than traditional standardized tests. In addition, out tests are valid for use in measuring special student populations and gifted students, often omitted from traditional school reports.” Olson is referring to the computerized assessment from the North West Evaluation Association which provides a more individualized approach to assessing student knowledge. A form of alternative grading is self-referencing grading. When using this type, the grade is given based on a comparison to the student’s previous performance (Hendrickson, Gable, 1997). Alternative forms of assessment can also provide many benefits to the students not just to administrators.

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