Alternative Education Schools and Programs

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Alternative Education Alternative education was once considered a solution only necessary for children with special needs. As society changes, so does the prominence of issues within it. In our current society, education is mandatory in order for an individual to be successful in the future. Although this may seem like a simple task to accomplish, the generalized form of education is not sufficient for students who have different needs from the typical student. These needs can include disabled needs or special education, at risk or troubled needs, gifted and talented needs, or students who speak English as a second language. Alternative education schools and programs provide the individualized instruction that will help these students become successful. In order to ensure that these students will receive the education necessary for success, the privilege of alternative education needs to be used to its best advantage. If it is used efficiently, then more students will have a successful education and future, therefore it will positively impact the future of the world. Without a sufficient amount of education, the odds of an individual succeeding in the world are limited, if not nearly impossible. The unemployment rate is lowest for those who graduate college, sitting at a 4.5% rate. The unemployment rate is highest for those who did not receive a high school diploma at a 24% rate (citation). In the United States, the percent of the population who only have a high school
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