Alternative Energies Essays

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Do you have to pay to put fuel in a vehicle? I know I do and it's becoming more of a large burden rather than just another small expense of living. It's safe to say that the majority of people owning motor vehicles dislike the constant fluctuation in the price of oil and gasoline. The four worst polluters when it comes to the burning of fossil fuels are the United States, China, Japan, and Britain (Editorial par. 3). At the rate at which it is rising now, vehicles are soon going to be a luxury because people will not be able to afford the price of fuel. One possible solution to this problem, and many other instances that rely on the burning of fossil fuels, is the use of renewable energy sources. Two of the more notable energies are solar…show more content…
1). IRENA is just one of many ways that a person can get involved in helping our world become cleaner and more efficient in using the resources we have. The technology that the world possesses today is underdeveloped when referring to solar and wind energy. The research needed for the extensive use of wind and solar energy should be a priority for today's world because it will reduce the monetary cost of energy in the long run, decrease the negative effects of burning fossil fuels on our atmosphere, and preserve the natural resources of the Earth. To begin, the use of solar energy is not something new that has been recently discovered. Solar power has been utilized in many different ways dating back to the ancient Egyptians. Surprising as it is, we utilize the power today in similar ways to what the Egyptians used it for. Common uses of solar energy are drying objects such as clothing and other necessities and growing crops (Solar Energy par. 6). The broad use of solar energy continues to arise in many different and unique ways. A scientist by the name of Joseph Priestly used solar power to perform an experiment involving the isolation of oxygen (Solar Energy par. 15). The greenhouse is a major invention that helps the growth of plants and food around the world. Without it, people would not be able to grow
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