Alternative Energy : Alternative Fuels

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Alternative Energy
If America makes the change to renewable fuels, it could take hundreds of years to undo the indirect damage that will be triggered. The amount of pollution that would be emitted by harvesting new fuels is as devastating as not switching at all (Grunwald). The processes for acquiring these alternatives create pollution that will destroy our environment. It is counterproductive to use renewable energy, if it does not enhance the current situation. Many people are supportive of the change, but are unaware of the long term effects on the economy and environment. The issue of alternative fuels is a controversial topic around the world with numerous countries wanting to use a cleaner fuel source than petroleum and
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Ethanol also causes livestock to be harder to maintain and rear. Most farm animals eat corn but because corn is being converted into ethanol, the price of animal living has gone up causing meat to be more expensive. This will become a permanent chain reaction if ethanol becomes an authorized source of energy produced to the general public. Sean Byrne writes in “Green Living May Mean Cold Comfort for Many”, that “although requiring vast tracts of land … biomass crops to produce ethanol not only use almost as much energy as they produce, they also may contribute significantly to world hunger.” Ethanol will be very costly because corn is known as a crop grown for rations, so when a produce becomes a power supply, the market worth will significantly amplify. Ethanol does not have many benefits to the world population. It causes increased world hunger because all corn crops are used in creating ethanol and also is inefficient because it depletes the same amount of energy it creates. When corn could be raised in huge quantities, it was reasonable to use ethanol. Now that corn is not plentiful, it costs more to produce ethanol. Using it was no problem because of this abundant amount but since then, the amount of corn being produced has lessened causing it to become more and more expensive. If ethanol becomes the archetype of energy, the economy will become debauched and erroneous. It’s stated that “…grid operators, who
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