Alternative Energy And Renewable Energy

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Throughout the 20th and 21st century, our knowledge about the environment and energy has steadily grown, as well as our dependence on them. Nowadays, power and electricity are in every facet of our daily lives. Due to this, we overlook several negative effects our traditional use of fossil fuels have caused. Fossil fuels are fuel deposits that were formed hundreds of millions of years ago, which is where the term fossil fuels come from. The two most common fossil fuels currently in use are coal and oil, which power the majority of our infrastructure. However, fossil fuels are known to have some drawbacks which is where projects for alternative energy come into play. Alternative energy, or also known as renewable energy are energy sources…show more content…
Fossil fuels are already a widely established in the current market place. There is no need for big technology innovations or research breakthroughs, since it is already a commonplace energy commodity. The current job market which involves fossil fuels such as oil and coal are huge. IHS Global Insights claims that by 2020 around three million jobs in America will be involving oil and gas extraction. The processing of these fuels also does create useful byproducts, like plastics. While these are a few advantages, there is sadly many more pressing disadvantages. (ConserveEnergyFuture) The burning and processing of fossil fuels release high levels of carbon dioxide into the air. This heavily contributes to a climate phenomenon known as “Global Warming”, which is considered one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time. As previously stated, fossil fuels are nonrenewable. This puts a hard cap on the amount we can eventually use, which means there is a finite supply. Fossil fuels are generally located deep in the earth, and the process of mining them are extremely harmful for the environment. Coal mining heavily affects the areas where it is mined, due to the location of nearby materials. Coal is often found beside highly acidic substances, so after mining is completed the only material left in the area is acidic, which destroys the land. Coal and oil production facilities also produce liquid slag which is
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