Alternative Energy Essay

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Modern society is characterized by convenience; convenience supplied by oil. Whether it be to fuel cars, to make plastic for hair dryers, or to paint a wall, most everything found in use today depends on this black gold. Although petroleum ’s variety of uses has made life convenient, this convenience has lead to an extreme use of oil, and it is now leading to its depletion. Although billions of barrels of oil remain in worldwide reserves, the United States needs to invest in replacing petroleum with alternative energy sources because readily available oil reserves are running out and other sources are more difficult to access and use . Oil remains plentiful in the world, as new reserves are constantly being discovered, and technology…show more content…
Conventional sources of oil, which are easily accessed and readily available reservoirs, currently supply nearly all of the world’s oil. As these reservoirs are drained and are found less and less often, however, people turn to different sources to acquire oil. In the past, these conventional sources have been found close to the Earth’s surface, where drilling is cheap, and the raw material gained is easily processed. To be able to continue producing oil, some are looking below thousands of feet of water, which makes pumping both risky and costly, with relatively petroleum little produced. The disastrous effects of using drilling for such reservoirs have been seen in the Gulf of Mexico, where the sheer depth of the drilling prevented a huge oil leak from being contained for months. Conventional oil production is on its decline, simply due to that fact that it is running out or difficult to access . As these readily available, conventional sources run out, some hope to turn to unconventional sources, but these are incapable of replacing conventional sources of oil and have major environmental impacts. Unlike conventional oil sources, unconventional oil is not so convenient. Unconventional oil sources encompass sources such as tar sands and oil shale, where almost all of the remaining trillions of barrels of oil are. These are easy to access, but are difficult to process. In both cases, shale or tar sand, the amount of the usable parts of the oil, which are
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