Alternative Energy Essay

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Alternative Sources for Energy

Millions and millions of barrels of oil, coal, and natural gases are being pumped out of the ground on a daily basis. These fuels are being used to heat homes, run machines, and take people from place to place. It has become a part of everyday living; just as essential as food and water. The more resources that is being pumped, the more people want it. Society has an insatiable thirst for this form of energy that is unyielding. It is a never ending cycle of supply and demand. The demand is high, but the supply is limited. One day the earth will be sucked dry of all its resources, yet people will continue to demand. What will happen then? What will take place of the current resources? Due to this crisis,
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This concept of solar energy can also be used in refrigeration systems as well. An adsorption chiller has been manufactured that can achieve temperatures of 0¡ÆF (Henkel, pars.41). Solar energy has enormous potential in reducing gas usage in homes. In fact, one day it may even replace any need for gas at all.
     Solar energy has its functions; however, it is not the only alternative energy source. Wind can be transformed into practical energy as well. Wind power is one of the fasting growing sources of energy and it doesn¡¯t seem to be slowing down. As technology advances, wind turbines are getting bigger and more efficient. A wind turbine in the United States has a 104 meter blade producing 3.6 megawatts of electricity (Talbot, pars.2). The blade span alone is longer than a football field and generates enough power for 1,000 homes. General Electric is currently attempting to design an even bigger wind turbine with a blade span of 140 meters and could produce as much as 7 megawatts according to Jim Lyons, chief technologist at GE wind. Although there is potential to tap into a vast amount of energy, it is not 100% reliable. Wind is not guaranteed to be always blowing and with these huge turbines, if one fails many users will be affected until the problem is fixed (Talbot, pars.4). Furthermore, there is no guarantee for the amount of energy produced due to constant changes in directions of the wind, which in turn affects the
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