Alternative Energy For Renewable Energy Sources

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Algae Biofuel For many years the world has depended on one form of energy for transportation, and that is fossil fuels. This means as our demand for these fossil fuels increases our supply will decrease dramatically. As supply dwindles and costs rise, nations will be forced to utilize alternative energy sources. Coal, both non-renewable and environmentally destructive, is the most likely near-term candidate for replacing oil as a primary energy source. In order to achieve a secure and stable energy supply that does not cause environmental damage, renewable energy sources must be explored and promising technologies should be developed. Biodiesel derived from green algae biomass has the potential for high volume, cost effective production. It can be carbon neutral and produced intensively on relatively small areas of marginal land. The quality of the fuel product is comparable to petroleum diesel and can be incorporated with minimal change into the existing fuel infrastructure. Innovative techniques, including the use of industrial and domestic waste as fertilizer, could be applied to further increase biodiesel productivity. There is now research going into renewable resources to replace these harmful fossil fuels. One of the newest and most innovative of these resources is algal biofuel. (Olds, 2006). Also known as algae biofuel, and oilgae, “the majority of algae are photosynthetic so water, carbon-dioxide, light, and minerals are necessary for growth (Olds, 2006).”
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