Alternative Energy Essay

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Every day, many fossil fuel consuming contraptions spew out gases that pollute the environment. However, when the fuel supplies for these devices run out, they will grind to a halt. To prevent this, the United States needs to find an alternative to unstable and polluting energy sources before it’s too late (Rouge). It also needs to advance in technological status in order to stay above advancing third-world countries, and retain its current level of hegemony (Glaser). Space Based Solar Power Satellites, which are satellites that collect the sun’s energy and beam it down to the Earth, solve for all these concerns (Rouge). Thus, the United States Federal Government should provide grants for research, development, and implementation of Space …show more content…
In other words, even though other energy sources could solve the energy crisis, none boast the advantages and flexibility that Space Based Solar Power can provide. For example, Solar Power Satellites are extremely useful to the military, as they are capable of beaming energy down to any location on the world, and are able to support military operations all over the world. People may argue that the United States does not have the technology to develop Space Based Solar Power, and that it will never get into space (Mankins). However, the technology required is already available. According to Rouge, “Space Based Solar Power is a complex engineering challenge, but [it] requires no fundamental scientific breakthroughs or new physics to become a reality (Rouge).” If the United States is to prepare for a future energy crisis, it must act now and begin development on Space Based Solar Power.
The United States is currently the most powerful nation in the world due to its economy and technological dominance, but may not stay in that position for much longer if the United States doesn’t substantially increase the money being spent for research and development of new technologies. Every year, more and more countries pour money into research, and they begin to develop technology that rivals that of the United States, which reduces the United States’ technological

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