Alternative Energy : Renewable Energy

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For decades a certain problem has been slowly growing day-by-day. Today the problem has been more prevalent than ever before. In recent years the current energy usage, which is fossil fuels, is not sustainable and carries negative effects to the environment. However nothing is perfect, even renewable energy has its fair share of disadvantages. Can alternative (reusable) energy sources such as nuclear, hydrogen, biofuels or solar energy meet the energy demands needed by humans to carry out their everyday tasks such as electricity, commuting, and so on better than fossil fuels such as coal and oil which creates a mast amount of energy today. Fossil fuels are considered to be unsustainable, environmentally destructive, inefficient, and the primary contributor to global warming. It is estimated that about 88 percent of global energy is produced by burning fossil fuels5. Additionally, only 12 percent of global energy is produced by clean alternative energy sources5. It is time for individuals to think whether alternative energy can efficiently replace fossil fuels.
Using alternative energy increases the nation’s stability economically and environmentally, which reduces Canada and USA’s dependency for foreign energy sources6. However, many technological difficulties must be analyzed and resolved before alternative energy can substitute even a small percentage of the power produced by fossil fuels. For example, an average solar panel can only achieve about 10-30 percent
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