Alternative Energy : Renewable Energy

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Alternative Energy. What is it? Alternative energy: energy generated in ways that do not deplete natural resources or harm the environment, avoiding the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power (Google Definition). ALternative energy is the way to go: it is cleaner than Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power, it works with the environment, and is benefitial to the community. First off, the majority of the world, 80% of the United States uses Nuclear power or Fossil Fuels as a source of energy and electricity. However, there are various problems caused by this, most notable: cost and risks. Every year Fossil Fuels cost taxpayers and consumers $5.3 trillion (IMF). There are roughly 600 Coal plants just in the United states. Fossil Fuels cause air…show more content…
Then, there are the risks of ‘proliferation, loose nukes, and terrorism’... With such high cost and various amounts of personal and environmental risks from power sources today, alternative energy has proven to be the better deal. There are countless sources of natural energy such as geothermal, Hydropower, a biofuel, to name a few. Studies are being carried out to harness other natural energies like lightning and tidal power. Beginning with Solar Power, Solar power, includes Skylights and Solar panels, taking advantage of the Sun 's energy and converting it to electricity. The energy could be used the simple way, using the natural warmth and brightness. Skylights allow the rays of the Sun to illuminate and heat an area. Also, it can also be concentrated to heat water (as thermal energy). This use of sunlight can decrease energy consumption by 50% (EnergySage). The benefits include: lowering the cost of electricity, and heating and cooling. It happens that there is the unseen benefit of natural sunlight: exposure of vitamin D. Solar Panels: Convert sunlight to electricity for the masses, or individual homes. Wind Power, using the power of the wind to turn turbines to generate electricity. This method is best used in windy areas such as mountain passes, plains, and coastal regions (Mother Earth News).
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