Alternative Energy Resources : Renewable Energy Source

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Alternate energy resources are being developed to compete against the fossil fuel power stations. Fossil fuel such as coal and oil are drilled and shoveled out of the ground and then processed to be turned into electricity. Problems with fossil fuels are that they produce hazardous air emissions and give off by-products that will harm the area. Some well-known alternate renewable energy resources are wind, solar, and hydro power. These are all sources that are in abundance and will be around for billions of years. Hydropower provides substantial amounts of electricity to the world by exploiting water, it totals about one fifth of the electricity worldwide (Renewable). While hydropower has its flaws, some environmentalists disclaim that hydropower is a widespread renewable energy source. However, this is a misconception because water is renewed in the water cycle, dams are environmentally sustainable to the ecosystem, and the only discharge from hydropower is unpolluted water.
The idea of water not being renewable is preposterous. The water cycle is a process that always accounts for water. Water evaporates and goes back up as condensation and this creates clouds. Clouds then precipitate water, and the rainfall renews the water that will be used in dams.
EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, states “hydropower is considered a renewable energy resource because it uses the Earth 's water cycle to generate electricity” (Hydroelectricity). Water is regenerated and always
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