Alternative Energy: Solar Energy

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Right now, the world’s population growth has caused an increase in the energy demand. Rosenberg (2009) pointed out that the world’s current growth rate is about 1.14%, representing a doubling time of 61 years. OECD's International Energy Agency[IEA] (2014) found that from 2011 to 2035 the world energy demand is likely to rise by more than two-thirds. Though there have been challenges in the deployment of these new technologies, but incentives exist to utilize renewable energy. These include solar energy, wind energy, and biomass energy sources.
Solar energy using energy emitted from the sun which then transformed into electric energy by using solar panels or photocatalytic cell . Some of the countries such as Japan and Malaysia is a blessed land which including all-year-long tropical climate that guarantee substantial solar power convert into energy. Solar energy become the suitable choice to overcome the increasing energy demand and the parallel increase of greenhouse gas emissions which is caused by fossil-fuel power generation .
Sunlight is everywhere and the resource is practically undying .It is readily abundant to us. Solar radiation is the most plentiful energy source on Earth and sufficient to meet the present global energy needs. According to Patil (2010), fossil fuels have the limited sources and have the r/p ratio of…
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