Alternative Energy Sources Essay

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Imagine a world where nobody can use their iPhone, their computer, or even turn on the lights. That is the kind of world the future may be like if there is not an overhaul of how electricity is obtained. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, people have utilized fossil fuels to power their homes, cars, and businesses. Unfortunately, our stores of fossil fuels are running low, and they have been demonstrated to increase the temperature in the atmosphere and accelerate global warming. As gas prices steadily rise, people need a newer, cleaner source of energy. The alternatives are numerous and would be beneficial to the well being of the whole world. The human race must replace its fossil fuel use with renewable resources in order to …show more content…
All of the proven sources of oil will be depleted by the year 2055 according to Erika Antoniazzo, a woman who is well read in terms of oil production.( On the other hand, renewable resources can never be depleted. There will always be wind that can blow turbines. There will always be a sun to heat solar panels. There will always be water to run through dams. The power that can be drawn from these sources is limitless, which is obviously more sustainable than fossil fuels, which clearly has a limit. Scientists are developing technology in the field of nuclear fusion (the process in which the sun creates its energy), which if obtained will provide an infinite amount of power. These alternative sources of energy will provide energy for the world until the end of time. The government has been greatly influenced by big oil companies lobbying for political power. No single group should have such a large amount of power over the government. If our focus on fossil fuels is shifted over to a more general scope that includes various renewable energy sources, then no single group of companies will have a significant amount of power in the direction of the country. Since oil companies have an iron grip on decisions the U.S. makes, we have gone to several wars over the pursuit of oil. General Zilmer stated that the amount of casualties can be reduced greatly if troops could move away from their use of fossil fuels.(News Observer) These wars would