Alternative Energy Sources For Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy has become a widely popular topic in society. With the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, scientist are looking to natural and renewable resources to create a means to produce sustainable energy. There are many alternative energy sources that have proven useful in the past couple of years. Some of the alternative energy sources are not only more useful than others but have proven to be easier to attain and also prove to create a more substantial amount of energy. Today, the most widely used form of renewable energy is hydroelectric energy. Making up 20 percent of global electricity generation, hydroelectric energy is crucial in the production of electrical power and sustaining the environment.
How It Works
Hydroelectric energy is produced through the use of falling or flowing water. Large amounts of water usually contained in dams flow through a passageway called a penstock. In order for the water to fall and flow into a penstock the dam must be built on a large body of water with a large drop in elevation. After flowing through the penstock the water intake rushes through and forcefully turns a turbine propeller. Connected to the turbine propeller is a shaft. The shaft continues out of the water and connects to a generator and a powerhouse. The generator thus produces electricity into the powerhouse and ultimately into surrounding homes and buildings in proximity to the dam. The water then continues to flow into the major body of water from which it came and
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