Alternative Energy Sources For Renewable Energy

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Since fossil fuels have become such a concern for our environment, alternative energy has become a source of energy that is an alternative to the problem that these fossil fuels have caused our Earth. Alternative energy are renewable and is considered to be free energy sources (Alternative Energy). All alternative energy sources have lower carbon emissions when being compared to conventional energy sources. These sources include Biomass Energy, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, and Hydroelectric Energy (Alternative Energy). With the use of recycling, the clean alternative energies such as the use of solar power systems will benefit in the survival of these energy resources beyond the 21st century (Alternative Energy). Alternative resources…show more content…
Solar energy is mostly used to generate light and heat (Conserve Energy Future). The orbital path of the sun and its variations in the galaxy affects the energy that is emitted from solar sources that are reflected on the planet (Conserve Energy Future). While 70% of the sunlight gets reflected back into space, we only have the remaining 30% to meet the energy demands that the planet requires (Conserve Energy Future). The sun generates solar energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation. It travels to the earth’s surface at various wavelengths (Solar Energy). There are many living things on earth that depend on the sun’s radiation (Solar Energy). The sun plays a very important part in our environment because it is responsible for producing energy that warms the earth as well as the energy that plants need to make their food (Solar Energy). Solar energy is crucial for plants to create a sustainable life because without it, no animals or any other living thing could survive.
There are some advantages and disadvantages to the use of this particular alternative energy source. Some advantages of solar energy is that it id free, it does not cause pollution, it can be used in remote areas where it is too expensive to extend electrical power, it powers low energy items like calculators and watches, and it is infinite, meaning solar energy will never run out (Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power). Even though solar energy sounds great
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