Alternative Energy Vs. Fossil Fuels Essay

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Alternative energy versus fossil fuels is a very controversial issue surrounding America today. The issue is so controversial for many reasons, such as our economic dependence on fossil fuels and the possibility of global warming due to the burning of these fossil fuels we are so dependent on. Where one argument seems to succeed in persuading the reader one way, another rebuttal can be made that will neutralize the arguments before it. If the United States become more alternative energy dependent, it could destroy thousands of jobs, or it could save the US’s economy.
Those who are for alternative energy side this way for many reasons. Firstly, alternative resources are an extremely clean source of energy, as one anonymous person said, “Remember when all those kids got asthma from solar panel smog, toxic wind turbine pollution got in your food, and clean energy poisoned our water? Yeah, me neither.” Almost all alternative energy plans highlight that they have much lower carbon emissions than any of the fossil fuel options available, and make the environment healthier, as they do not pollute it with carbon dioxide or any other toxic gases that are produced, as a byproduct of fossil fuels. As of right now, our economy’s inflation is directly based on the supply of fossil fuels, foreign and domestic. The cost of renewable energy is dependent on the amount of money put into the infrastructure, as sunlight, wind, and water are free and in abundance almost anywhere on earth, which
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