Alternative Energy : Wind Bags And Compressed Air Energy Storage

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ENGR101 Term Paper Alternative Energy: Wind Bags and Compressed Air Energy Storage Kevin Michael Black 013505594 Meghan Ismael Dr. Shahab Taherian California State University, Long Beach College of Engineering ENGR101 7, Fall 2014 October 30, 2014 Renewable energy is crucial to the future of human society, as it takes from sources that cannot be depleted, such as the wind , waves, and the sun. However, the production of renewable energy is not steady and often exceeds its demand. The excess energy created is often wasted, while renewable energy would prove most effective if it were able to be stored. This would allow renewable energy to be used less in times of low demand and saved for greater use in times of high demand. A recent innovation has been developed to solve this problem: the wind bag. Using compressed air, the wind bag will store and conserve renewable energy, maximizing the productivity of using the water and wind as sources of energy. By analyzing newton 's second law of motion and centripetal acceleration, mathematical equations for wind turbines, offshore wind farms in Belgium, the use of compressed air to store energy, and the aspirations of RWE Power in Germany and the European project AA-CAES for the future of using wind bags for the storage of renewable energy, it is conclusive that wind bags are beneficial to the future of human society and are personally significant to each and every one of us. The concept of the wind bag uses both windmills

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