Alternative Fossil Fuel Is Nonrenewable, And It Damages Our Environment Essay

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As we all know the energy we use form fossil fuel is nonrenewable, and it damages our environment badly. The most energy is used in the industrials (31%), the second is used in transportation (28%), the third is used in residential (22%), and the last is used in commercial (19%). We also know that the more we use fossil fuel, the more greenhouse gas effect to our earth and killing our atmosphere by trap the gases and it make our earth getting warmer and warmer. In this paper will go deep more into the second big use energy which is transportation and how they are going to use the new energy to keep the environment cleaner. However, our world has created a lot of renewable energy such as energy from solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass, and nuclear. In fact, the new Bioenergy, which uses household garbage, including food waste, for its fuel could be a great idea to save our natural energies, also less emission on the greenhouse effect, save money instead of wasting it.
Biogas is become a great source of renewable energy by convert a large amounts of garbage (wastes from the food industry, kitchen garbage, etc.) are being produced worldwide, and thus, an efficient treatment system for these wastes is crucial to achieve a recycling-based society (Morita M.). Because of its low cost, low environmental impact, low production of residual sludge, and we can use it to make it transfer into biogas for use as an energy source. Nowadays, there are a lots of transportation
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