Alternative Fuels: Cars Can Exhale Water.

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Today cars burn off gasoline (or diesel) that gives off harmful chemicals, but tomorrow vehicles may be running off of alternative resources. Scientist and engineers across the globe are furthering studies to make alternative fuels a thing of tomorrow. Some such alternative fuels include biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas. All of which have some promising pros. Not only are those chemicals emitted buy vehicles harmful to humans, but they are also hurting the environment. Gasoline is nonrenewable resource. Nonrenewable meaning once it is gone there is no more. First off, what makes gasoline nonrenewable is how is made. Gasoline comes from crude oil, which in turn comes from oil reservoirs. Oil reservoirs are located across the world. Most of the time the oil is extracted from these reservoirs from drilling, which can be offshore or inland. Where does most of the oil pollution in the oceans come from? Most would answer from oil spillages such as the most recent BP’s but actually it happens naturally. Crude oil reservoirs natural seep oil into the ocean. This oil, naturally emitted, hurts wildlife such as fish and birds, and not to mention, marsh grass and other plants. When oil gets onto a bird it makes its feathers stick to itself and causes this bird to not be able to fly, which in turn it is not able to retrieve its own food, which will lead to its death. Just another reason gasoline is bad. Also when gasoline is burned it releases

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