Alternative Fuels For Fossil Fuels

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Fossil fuels have become something of a norm in the last few decades, with us as a race becoming more and more dependent on it as an energy sources. However, when and why did we become so dependent on them is an important question. And also when, in fact, did they start to rule our lives rather than the usual other way around? This essay seeks to unravel the causes and processes associated with this dependency, and whether or not there are any alternatives to fossil fuels which can be used in the near future, and whether or not these sources would be more ‘greener’. The collective global use of fossil fuels eventually leads to carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere, which then causes more environmental problems such as global warming. The alternative fuels mentioned throughout this essay are essentially any materials or substances that can be used other than the standard fuels. A few examples of alternative fuels include propane, hydrogen, methanol, and vegetable oil, to name a few. Fossil fuel is a limited resource, and so the next stage of developing these energy sources is essential to the sustainability of human life, while also aiming to find an alternative substitute to the current, polluting resources with the alternatives that have an improved, greener performance. The rise in population and the ever changing climate means that renewable energy will become mandatory in the near distant future. The forecast of ‘peak oil’ is closer than
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