Alternative Gender Roles Among Various Cultures

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Alternative Gender Roles In this paper, I will discuss the Alternative Gender Roles among various cultures. I will discuss how the gender role between men and women are both different with each culture group. I will reflect how important the men role play within the family and how the women role is just the opposite. Even though, men role is what keeps the family functioning and together. In today 's society women and men both have important roles when providing for the family. Both gender roles are so important to the family to keep a close bond. The men role is to provide for the family, hunt for food and protect the family. The women role is to take care of the children, clean the house and prepare the meals. “In spite of differences in how gender roles may be structured, there is a pattern to differences in roles that are commonly assigned to women and men” (Crapo, 2013). A cross-cultural study by Murdock and Provost (1973) revealed that throughout the world, males are almost always responsible for hunting large land and sea animals and game birds, and for trapping smaller animals” (Crapo, 2013). They are usually expected to fish, to herd large animals, to collect wild honey, and to clear the land and prepare it for planting. “Women are usually involved in gathering wild plant foods. Other food production activities, such as collecting shellfish; caring for small animals; milking animals; and planting, tending, and harvesting crops, are not consistently
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