Alternative Learning System in the Philippines

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PHILIPPINE Alternative Learning System (ALS) A&E Sunday, June 13, 2010 The Alternative Learning System (ALS) is a free education program implemented by the Department of Education (DepEd) under the Bureau of Alternative Learning System which benefits those who cannot afford formal schooling and follows whatever is their available schedule. The program provides a viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction, encompassing both the non-formal and informal sources of knowledge and skills. How does it work In ALS, students have to attend 10 months of school or 800 hours in the classroom. Then their performance are then assessed. Since ALS is a module-based learning system, students come in on a set time and choose a…show more content…
· You should be ready with the required documents: your birth certificate, a certification from the school you last attended (if you previously went to school) that you were unable to complete the secondary level. 3. What level of Accreditation & Equivalency (A&E) is currently being offered at the eSkwela Centers? Currently, secondary A&E (A&E at the secondary level of education) is initially being offered at the eSkwela Centers. The elementary A&E will be offered soon after the elementary e-modules are developed. 4. Is there a test I have to take in order to qualify as an eSkwela learner? Yes, the eSkwela Center will have you take a Functional Literacy Test (FLT), which will assess the actual level of education you have acquired. 5. Am I automatically accepted as an eSkwela learner if I already completed my elementary education? Your chances of acceptance as an eSkwela learner could be higher if you have already completed your elementary education, BUT you will still have to qualify through the FLT. 7. Do I need to know how to use a computer before I can be accepted as an eSkwela learner? Although it is an advantage if you already know how to use a computer, it is not a requirement in order for you to be accepted at eSkwela. The eSkwela facilitators

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