Alternative Medicine For Traditional Medicine

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In this diverse and highly developed society, traditional medicine is not the only way to healing illness, alternative medicine must be regarded seriously. The change of living environment and the improvement of living standards lead medical model transformed, also result in the future perception about alternative medicine in mainstream medical community. Kayne (2004) states that: “as patients have greater access to information, their needs and value change. They become more involved in their overall health care and are taking a more natural and holistic approach to achieving well-being”. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is an umbrella term of numerous diagnostic and therapeutic methods that lie orthodox medicine (Ernst, 2004). This dissertation mainly talks about holistic and integrative medicine in alternative medicine, and the traditional medicine implies modern western medicine and conventional medicine. However, according to MacArteny, (2007) that alternative remedies danger to patients but also contribute significantly consumers to purchase those called ‘magical medicine’. This essay argues that alternative medicine should be regarded as equal in status to traditional medicine, in order to make them supplement each other, rather than totally replace the traditional medicine. The three sections include principle features of holistic medicine are mind, mental and spirit all in harmony, good communication with patients in favor of make developing individual
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